Kalahari.com’s Diablo 3 Launch

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Around 21:30 last night I arrived at Gandalfs in Observatory Cape Town along with fellow gamer, Rusty. We had media passes to the Kalahari preorder launch for the highly anticipated Diablo 3 from Blizzard… we expected some branding, speeches and maybe some snacks.

What happened blew our minds. This was clearly an event for the fans. Hundreds of pizzas, live bands, open bar, spot prizes, cos-players and a packed house set the tone for one of the largest and best launch parties this city has seen and what better venue than Gandalfs… if you’ve ever been you’d understand.

We ate, we drank, we wooed wenches and toasted el Diablo for his gifts that eve.


Two lucky attendees walked away with a collector’s edition and a kickass Diablo 3 headset while many (not me – still sad) received some branded tshirts and even a few kick ass mousepads. Genevieve ‘Kombokitten’ and some of her fellow cosplayers treated the cameras to some amazing gear (check out those images!) while we were entertained by percussion guitarist and all round legend, Tombstone Pete who was followed by local metal band, Strident. Preorder customers could also pick up their games around 23:00 but this proved to be tricky as nigh after receiving their package, in true gamer fashion, they vanished to begin the install, hence by the haunting hour, all but a few die hard journos had stood their ground until inevitably being kicked out into the cold night.

All-in-all Kalahari definitely pulled out all the stops on this one and presented the Cape Town gaming community along with fans of Blizzard’s Diablo 3, pizza, head-banging, gorgeous cosplayers, free booze and free swag a night they won’t soon forget… well if they can remember any of it after leaving the bar dry.

kalahari diablo 3 launch


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