Justin Bieber Will Provide The Voice Of Knight Rider's KITT

Justin Bieber Will Provide The Voice Of Knight Rider’s KITT

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Pop singer Justin Bieber has landed himself an interesting acting job. David Hasselhoff revealed that the 20-year-old is providing the voice of KITT, the car from the Knight Rider series, in his new comedy movie, Killing Hasselhoff.

You might feel you are living in the twilight zone, but pop sensation Justin Bieber will actually be the voice for the car everyone wanted in the ’80s. Thankfully, it’s not a strange Knight Rider reboot. Instead, it’s in an even stranger Hasselhoff comedy about killing the former Baywatch star. Killing Hasselhoff is The Hoff’s latest project and one he seems particularly proud of. “I produced the movie. It’s a comedy and I’m really proud of it. It took about two-and-a-half years to finally get released and now it’s coming out on digital on September 18,” Hasselhoff announced.

The 65-year-old Hoff admitted he wasn’t supposed to talk about the star; however, during an appearance on Good Morning Britain, he let the cat out of the bag and revealed that Justin Bieber would appear in the film’s final scene. “[Justin] is in the very last scene in the movie – although I’m not supposed to mention anything! He’s a friend of mine, you see. I did him a favour by doing a video that was never released and so he did me a favour by riding in the Knight Rider car at the end of the movie with me – it was quite a surprise.”

Killing Hasselhoff tells the story of a man who finds himself involved in a high-stakes celebrity death pool and plots to murder David Hasselhoff after resorting to great lengths to try to pay off his debts.

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  1. Aubrey Fraetas

    With all the choices they could go with it’s this little twats. I assume KITT will be offended now if I assume it’s Gender.

  2. Jay Whopper

    America, we will take Bieber back if you take Justin Trudeau and our Minister of Finance from us.

    Thanks – Canada

    • Samantha Madden

      No your wrong on the remake of the knight rider show it was totally awesome and because Michael knight’s son playing in it and to driving kitt well little more which was cooler because of kitt being sorta able to change shape a little bit but the knock off version of knight rider called viper totally sucked though because viper totally made no sense whatsoever because it didn’t look attractive to me and it was a knock off version of knight rider anyways

    • Christian Lefebvre Morris

      Viper was nothing like Knight Rider, Kitt didn’t transform and the Viper didn’t talk. Oh besides the fact the shows were 10 years apart. Loved them both!

  3. Justin Earl

    It’s a comedy about how to ruin Hasselhoff and everything he’s done, sounds like. According to the article

  4. Richard Elizondo

    Oh , so it’s not an actual knight rider movie… it’s a comedy spoof called killing Hasselhoff, but still….!!

  5. Matt Parrish

    So the new KITT is going to be a tricked out Honda with a farty muffler and more spoiler than car held together with parts stickers.

    • Zach Porter

      digital voice modulators and synthesizers. If digitech can recreate jimmy hendrix, we can redo KIT. The idea of having beiber do anything and calling it talent is just as cringe and groan worthy as a talking car saying yolo…. or racist transformers…

  6. Samantha Madden

    Oh no please say that ain’t true because even after the remake of night rider t.v. show that is going to ruin my thoughts on night rider at all and yes even though I’m 16 years old i have seen both of the previous night rider t.v. shows and i don’t need my night rider t.v. shows thought crumbled by him being the voice of kitt at all

  7. John Matthewman

    It’s bad enough that Justin Bieber is providing the voice of Justin Bieber without him ruining a childhood favourite/

  8. Jamie Fister

    So..KITT will get busted street racing, driving drunk, berating random people and occasionally leaking oil into mop buckets now?

    • Samantha Madden

      Stripping naked in front of his grandmother on her birthday don’t to forget add that part about justin beiber doing that as well

    • Samantha Madden

      Yes it did actually happen on his grandmother’s birthday so i imagine the car stripping naked in front of it’s own grandmother to on it’s grandmother’s birthday Lmfao

  9. Gadge Garrison

    Im sick of this justin beiber bullshit hes such a spoiled ass kid. Sounds to me the fag boy just wanted in on it and probably sucked a couple dicks to get in

    • Jeremy Allan Kelly

      I recon they gave him a choice either suck 50 dicks at onces or 1 dick a day for 50 days and he was all like I’ll take the 50 know

  10. Ricardo Torres

    Why he doesn’t… Just go to live in a cave or something? That’s a show that certainly I will not watch…

  11. Michael Compton

    So, they’re turning this into some shody, overly jokey Starsky & Hutch/Chips/Baywatch adaptation. Sounds like that’s going to be pretty lame.

  12. Nathan Wolfgang Shafer

    That looks hilarious!!! Don’t care about the Biebs at all, I do like a lot of the stars in that movie though.

  13. Raphael Lauf


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