Justice League vs. Suicide Squad

The year of “versus” continues with Marvel doing Inhumans Vs X-Men in November and DC doing Justice League vs. Suicide Squad in December. Comic book fans, start placing your bets!

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad

We’ve had Batman vs Superman, Iron Man vs Captain America, and Daredevil vs Punisher, but now we can add an upcoming DC Comics series, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, to the list too. DC’s two biggest superteams are set to collide in a comic book crossover written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Jason Fabok. The six-issue comic series will run weekly from December into January. The plot will mirror the ending of the Suicide Squad movie, which saw Ben Affleck’s Batman threaten Amanda Waller to shut down Task Force X. A new Suicide Squad character called Killer Frost will be the main focus and, ultimately, the series will explore deeper themes like redemption and corruption.

The success of DC Entertainment‘s Rebirth event this summer surprised publishers. DC recently reported that Rebirth has led to the company selling 12 million comics over the summer. Both Justice League and Suicide Squad are hot properties currently, with both receiving a lot more attention due to their onscreen counterparts. Let’s hope DC and Warner will continue their winning streak with bigger titles to follow.

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