Justice League Stunt Double Confirms That A Zack Snyder's Cut Exists

The mystery of the missing Zack Snyder cut of Justice League continues. We’ve seen petitions, we’ve heard rumours of an extended version, and we’ve read comments from VFX artists who claim that there is only one version of the film.

Today it exists, tomorrow it doesn’t. What is the truth?

Richard Cetrone, Batman’s stunt double in Justice League, has reached out to DC Films Universe via Twitter and again confirmed that a Zack Snyder’s cut of the film really exists.

“Please pass along to your group my thanks for their passion in supporting Zack. Tell them I know for a fact that a Zack Snyder cut does exist and with the help of people like you and your group we can hopefully persuade WB to release it. Thanks again.”

Cetrone encourages fans to get behind the petition to convince Warner Bros to release the original version (although most likely incomplete) of the film. Snyder himself has taken to social media and liked posts that support a release of his initial vision.

Recent reports suggest that WB plans on releasing an extended version (with 15 minutes of new footage) of Justice League on Blu-ray, albeit it will most likely be closer to Joss Whedon‘s version of the film rather than Snyder’s. While it seems unlikely that we’ll ever get to see the original film in its entirety, it’s great to hear from a source close to the film that it might actually really exist. “Now, let’s HOPE you’re not too late.”

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  1. The truth is. The footage exists. It just never made it to production.

    So a completed Snyder cut doesn’t exist, that’s true but it’s not to say it can’t be completed. So both sides are telling the truth.

  2. gorgoneion

    Save the “Snyder cut”, save the world!

    Seriously though, I want to see a Zack Snyder director’s cut on Blu-ray. Make it happen Warner Bros!

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