'Justice League' Is Even Longer Than 'Batman V Superman'

IMDb has listed Zack Snyder’s Justice League film runtime as 2 hours 50 minutes – 20 minutes longer than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Warner and DC (or rather Zack Snyder) has never been afraid to stretch their superhero films out to more than two hours. Man of Steel‘s runtime was 2h 28m, Batman v Superman‘s theatrical cut was 2h 31m and Suicide Squad‘s runtime was 2h 17m. However, Justice League has the longest running time yet, with a 2h 50m runtime. That’s 171 minutes of Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman fighting Parademons.

Unite The Seven Unite The League

Snyder has a long history with huge running times. There is a four-hour director’s cut of Watchmen and a 155 minute cut of Sucker Punch. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was also significantly cut down with its theatrical release, forcing the studio to release an extended cut which weighed in at a whopping 3h 3m.

Of course, Snyder isn’t the only director to create such lengthy comic book movies. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises also kept audiences occupied for 165 minutes. There is no doubt that Justice League is going to be a huge movie for DC. With so many characters to establish and introduce, the runtime might be justified. Just make sure you go to the bathroom before the screening.


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  1. As long as it’s a 3 hour masterpiece.

    WB has access to some of the best characters in the superhero universe. For them to produce anything sub-par (which was done time and time again in the past by them) is a tragedy.

    • Gregory Cole

      You’re wearing a Batman shirt and your complaining already? Why even bother going to see them if you’re going to complain? At least give the movie a chance.

  2. Here we go again…another DC movie flop.
    Those characters and stories are so good in the comics and even tv shows, but the movies just never work out (except Batman but even that was outdone by the Lego Batman movie)

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