Justice League Tickets Go On Sale And Crash Fandango

By now you’ve read the many mixed reviews and you’ve engaged in talks with overzealous co-workers around the water cooler, but you’re still unsure about whether or not to see Justice League. There seems to be a huge divide between fans about the film and the only true way to know for certain if it’s your cup of tea is to bite the bullet and go see it for yourself. But don’t just see it, try to watch it on the biggest screen possible. Watch it the way superhero blockbusters are meant to be seen. Watch it at the IMAX.

Cyborg Justice League IMAX

To be completely honest, most of the negative things you’ve heard about Justice League is true. Yes, the CGI is terrible in parts. Yes, a lot the cool footage from the trailers have been removed. Yes, it seems more like a Joss Whedon film than a Zack Snyder one. Yes, the villain is uninteresting. But despite all this, it still remains remarkably fun. I can almost guarantee that everyone in the audience will laugh and cheer at some point in the film. You might not like all of it, but you’ll like some of it (maybe even most of it). For others, of course, Justice League will be everything they could have hoped for and more. It’s a lighter film. Superman is a lot more like Superman. The interaction between the League members is fun and interesting. Flash is downright hilarious. And Wonder Woman is as endearing as she was in her own solo film. The sum of these small achievements equals major success in many people’s eyes.

The thing about DC films is that these characters hold a very special place in the hearts of fans, more so than any of the Marvel heroes. Batman, for example, is held to a higher standard than Iron Man or any of the Avengers. Between Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, the Arkham games and Batman: The Animated Series, fans have experienced great Batman stories over the years and they want more of the same. Anything less than that standard is deemed a failure. Batman v Superman, for example, was a very different take on Batman and didn’t sit well with all audiences. That said, Affleck seems to have lost a lot of his magic in Justice League. It’s clear that he became frustrated with reshoots while filming. His lack of enthusiasm for the role spills over into the entire movie.

Affleck Batman Justice League IMAX

Don’t get me wrong, Justice League is loads of fun. In fact, it’s probably the most fun movie in the DCEU this far. It’s just not the strongest film. And that’s okay. Fun is good. There are worse adjectives to describe a DC Comics blockbuster that suffered massive setbacks over the last two years.

The question is whether or not 3D and IMAX are worth your extra cash. Sometimes the added dimension is worth it, but most times it’s completely superfluous. Thankfully, comic book movies tend to lend themselves to the amplified visual effect of the IMAX 3D treatment, and Justice League benefits from the larger screen and the pop-out visuals.

The huge screen also allows you to take in more of the film and get the full treatment. You’ll notice a lot more of the background and foreground action on the larger format, especially when the entire League is taking on Paredemons. Of course, all this is enhanced even more by the thundering 7.1 sound system. You really emerge into the world with the Danny Elfman soundtrack. And yes, it’s loud. Very loud. Depending on how close to the speakers you are, you’ll be tempted to put your hands over your ears when something explodes on screen. Fortunately, the film gives the speakers a thorough workout.

Should you watch Justice League in IMAX 3D? Hell Yeah!

Justice League IMAX

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  1. Jonno

    “you’ll like some of it (maybe even most of it)”
    Not exactly high praise, when youre trying to convince people to spend R180+ on a movie.
    Seriously, for R180+ (R130 ticket, R50 popcorn and coke, plus getting to the cinema and back) I expect to be more than ‘maybe’ enjoying myself for two hours.

  2. Gj

    The film was shot in 2k and upscaled to 4k so not native 4k and not the best 4k image.
    So how does it get the imax treatment if it isn’t native 4k, I know money talks .

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