Justice League Blu-Ray and DVD

Forget about the Snyder cut. Forget about the extended Joss Whedon cut. Forget about all that extra footage that was shot. The chances are you’ll never see it. If the new details for the Justice League Blu-ray and DVD release are anything to go by, Warner Bros. has no plans to appease fans with footage lost on the cutting room floor. Instead, they are releasing one (that’s right, one!) new scene that wasn’t seen in theatres that shows the return of Superman.

It seems Warner has made an executive decision to ignore all the petitions and requests for a longer and fuller version of their latest superhero film. The discs will feature a bunch of behind-the-scenes featurettes but, sadly, no substantial footage. There isn’t even a director’s commentary segment available.

While it’s still possible that Warner Bros. is planning an extended cut down the road, it seems highly unlikely now. Regardless, it’s hard to believe that the studio thought that a single bonus scene would be enough to win fans over.

Justice League Blu-Ray

Here are some of the other special features:

Road to Justice
Journey alongside DC comic creators as they explore over fifty years of the Justice League, from comic books to animated adventures to their cinematic debut.

The Return of Superman
A bonus scene not seen in theatres

Heart of Justice
Discover the heart, soul and mind of the Justice League, as the cast and filmmakers share their admiration for DC’s iconic Trinity: Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

Technology of the Justice League
From Batman’s arsenal to Cyborg’s alien tech, interface with the Justice League database to learn their most advanced secrets.

Justice League: The New Heroes
Join Ray Fisher on a personal tour to meet the newest members of the Justice League: Aquaman, the Flash and Cyborg.

Steppenwolf the Conqueror
Join actor Ciarán Hinds and the filmmakers as they reveal the story behind mankind’s ancient enemy and the Justice League’s greatest challenge.

Suit Up: The Look of the League
Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson explores the innovation and artistry that goes into creating the costumes of DC’s iconic heroes.

Justice League will be available for digital purchase on February 13, while the Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and DVD copies will hit shelves on March 13.

Justice League Blu-Ray

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    • Because he shot scenes in JL that people wanted to see but because WB decided they were too dark they had Whedon reshoot 80% of the film. On top of that they cut 40 minutes of his reshot scenes as well.

      • rmsgrey

        Whedon didn’t have much say in the matter – this was a decision taken at the highest possible level in order to pad the departing CEO’s bonus as much as possible by getting Warner a smaller amount of money from Justice League before his cutoff date rather than getting Warner a significantly larger amount of money from a properly finished JL but too late to affect his own payout…

  1. Charles Moran

    The DCEU sux…plain and simple!Outside of a few moments that showed potential,the universe is severely lacking in direction.Maybe Snyder wasn’t the best director for the series but at least he had a vision,unlike Whedon who just does what he’s told.The film had horrible editing,horrible direction and worst of all,incomplete.Maybe Disney should just pick DC off of WB’s hands and give the fans what they really want…a universe that is as fulfilling as the MCU.

  2. TWSiebert

    Smart business strategy would to issue this, deny that you’ll every have an extended cut, make every penny you can off of it, then in a year or so, release the extended cut.

    They need to make every possible penny off of this as possible. But we will see longer cuts some day. Maybe even more than one, like they did with “Watchmen.”

  3. Robert Zuccaro

    The same folks who buy a movie to watch the “bonus footage” must be same type who watch award shows to hear political commentary. JL not “Citizen Kane”? There’s a shock seeing how Ben Affleck is Batman! You all B-d about that but STILL pay to see film at theaters + will buy this one too…

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