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Jungle Beat: The Game

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Last month saw the launch of Sunrise Productions’ Jungle Beat: The Game, based on the popular animated series. But can it stand out among the several games that can be found at the Apple App Store and on Google Play?


The answer is a resounding yes. The game launched on the 24th of August 2015 and by the 25th of August it had already reached the top spot in the South African App Store. In mere hours, this little game managed to get downloaded by thousands, proving that this game is more than a gimmick for the award-winning franchise to gain extra income. Over the course of 16 months, the team of developers has put their all into the production and this has resulted in a rather impressive final product.

The Jungle Beat game features a host of animal characters as they embark on their latest adventure. Baby Ostrich is lost in the jungle and you will have to use the other characters and their various skills in order to locate and rescue the baby from harm. This game features 25 levels in which the user has to figure their way through puzzling situations in order to “BEAT” the level.

This game is aimed for children of 4-11years of age. It really appeals to kids. As I was giving it a go, I felt it was too easy as your player does not really “die” so there might not be a lot at stake, but there is definitely fun to be had. My three-year-old son has taken a strong liking to this game and because it is more child-friendly, he is able to control the characters better and he can explore without fearing that his character will lose his life. However, this is not an easy game, it will make the younger users engage in puzzles and get them to do problem-solving in order to achieve success.

This platformer game has the perfect score and you immediately feel as if you are part of the show; the music takes you there immediately. The levels have a cartoon-drawn storyboard that serve to tell a non-dialogue story, the type of story that has made this show so successful. Jungle Beat is broadcast in over 180 countries, so its gaming debut was well overdue. Each character has a nifty little trick which will help you towards completing the levels as you attempt to rescue Baby Ostrich.

This is a fun game for the family to enjoy, especially the kids. It is easy enough for them to pick up and play without the game having to say a single word. Find Jungle Beat on the Apple App Store and Google Play for the low price of R39.99! And don’t forget to move to the Jungle Beat.

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