Joss Whedon Turns Judas In Fans' Eyes As He Likes Negative Tweets About Justice League

As we all know, when Zack Snyder stepped down from Justice League, after the tragic death of his daughter, Joss Whedon was called in to complete the film. After months of complicated reshoots and rewrites, the film finally releases tomorrow. Now, reviews are out and both Snyder and Whedon have come under scrutiny by film critics. However, fans are most upset that Whedon has taken to liking negative tweets about the film on Twitter.

Joss Whedon Turns Judas In Fans' Eyes As He Likes Negative Tweets About Justice League

Joss Whedon Turns Judas In Fans' Eyes As He Likes Negative Tweets About Justice League

Both DC and Marvel fans are extremely passionate about their comic book films (ask James Gunn). It seems both parties can argue the positives and negatives of both franchises for hours on end.

Whedon, who originally helped helm the Marvel franchise by directing Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, seemed the perfect choice to step in to help guide DC’s Justice League towards the same critical praise. However, things haven’t gone according to plan. While Rotten Tomatoes has yet to reveal its score rating, many publications have posted negative reviews and comments about the film. Sadly, it seems Whedon has liked a few of them.

DC fans are raging on Twitter and have resorted to dubbing the director “Judas Whedon”.

“You are absolutely repulsive. How dare you even like this tweet?” one fan said.

Whether or not the likes are intentional remains a mystery. It’s possible that Joss Whedon is just liking the negative remarks as a joke and that he doesn’t actually endorse the statements. Regardless, he has been very quiet about Justice League. Producer Charles Roven later said that Whedon worked on “15, 20%” of the finished movie. Could it be that he actually doesn’t like the final result himself?

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  1. These rotten MTFers! Why is it that every single time some controversial sh-t just conveniently seems to happen before the DC film is released pissing us all off on the grandest scale even before we get a chance to experience it for ourselves?

    These rotten bastards.

  2. There is a video out there of Grace Randolph saying she has a trusted source that claims he was a persona not grata among the cast (which could explain why NO ONE talks about him and always defend Zack very strongly) and also how all the sexual WW jokes were written and decided by him.

    Who know if its true or not, but hey there is a certain “sexual” little joke in JL that is LITERALLY the same in Age of Ultron but with Black Widow. Just saying.

  3. It was actually pretty good for me, especially that time when Batman wanted to resurrect Superman the same way Lex did with Zod and everyone especially Wonder Woman went along with the plan reluctantly. Bats felt like that kid every friend has who convinces them all to invest money on networking, only it doesn’t end so well for the rest but in the end, they were still super friends & nothing can change that despite whatever shit they give each other.

  4. Or how about… he likes constructive criticism? I know, I know… in this day and age, nobody can criticize anybody or anything, but you know what? Criticism when done in a constructive manner CAN actually help someone improve their product. I’d like to think that is the case here, but then, I’m not Joss, so who knows… or freakin’ cares.

  5. I noticed both Whedon’s and Snyder’s direction (style) in the film and both elements are what is now the film Justice League, a film I happen to have enjoyed.
    Not the best, not the worst, I blame the studio for a too short run time and overall a good sequel to BVS.
    My biggest complaint is how they didn’t take full advantage of a certain character’s situation and exploit it fully, a lost opportunity to flesh out a larger spectrum for the character.

  6. Acknowledging what “Rotten Tomatoes” said bout the movie after being bought by Disney, all the “desperate” propaganda and the “bad shit” that has being reviewing… to me , this was BEYOND better that any Marvel movie so far…in fact, was better that Wonder Woman. The fact that Whedon took place after Snyder, made this movie what i’ve being expecting since ´89. It has Snyder written all over the place, the flashes , the stunts, the action, the background, but when it comes to jokes and show what’s all about Whedon made an excelent job.
    Like i said, to me,this is the best SuperHeroe movie by far till this day.

  7. Which is funny because whedon’s changes are the better elements in the movie.

    But it’s clear that this was a Zack Snyder film that was edited into a Josh Whedon movie.

    Also the CGI upper lip is hilariously noticeable

  8. Saw it Thursday night with my son. It was good not great but I enjoyed the hell outta this movie. Sure it had issues like any movie but still a fun ride imho. It’s certainly not the worst modern Comic book movie **cough…Wolverine Origins…cough** With the tonal shift I think from this point DCEU has been course corrected. I remain hopeful. I’m a huge JLA fan and to see these characters on screen in a decent film is a good start.

  9. People take the wrong things too seriously these days, and turn a blind eye to things that they SHOULD be upset about. It’s just a movie, and people are losing their minds over whether it’s great or horrible, and whose fault it is or isn’t.

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