Justice League Josh Whedon Extended Cut

If rumours are to be believed, DC fans will be getting an extended cut of Joss Whedon’s version of Justice League when the film releases on DVD and Blu-ray next year. It seems fans cry for Warner to release a Zack Snyder director’s cut might have fallen on deaf ears.

In the wake of rather disappointing box office numbers and mixed critical response from fans and media, a Twitter user, Mario-F. Robles, claims that Warner and DC are working no an extended director’s cut of the film that will tie Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League together as a Superman trilogy of sorts. Of course, the same Twitter user also reported that it would cost $70 million dollars for Warner Bros. to complete Snyder’s version of the film, so take this information with a grain of salt.

Whedon’s version of Justice League has proven to be significantly different from Zack Snyder’s original vision. This prompted fans, including Kevin Smith, to petition the studio to release the incomplete Zack Snyder cut of the film, with warts and all.

Justice League Extended Cut

Of course, a completely separate group also started a petition to remove Snyder’s footage from the film and deliver a director’s cut of Joss Whedon’s vision. It seems that bunch (390 supporters) might get their wish.

It’s been reported that Warner forced Whedon to remove a number of scenes from the film too, including a comedic opening sequence with Batman. Actor Holt McCallany confirmed that the film was meant to begin on a very different tone:

“I love Joss Whedon. My scene with Batman was originally conceived as a comedic scene. That’s how Joss wrote it, and that’s how we shot it. I thought it came out great, but the studio felt it would be a mistake to open the film with a completely comedic scene, so it was re-edited a little bit. I was disappointed, but when I got home to New York I found a bottle of my favourite champagne and a note from Joss that said ‘To Battles Lost. Gratefully, Joss.’ I can’t tell you how much it meant to me that he took the time to write to me. Joss Whedon is a class act. I had the letter framed.”

Let’s hope Warner is smart enough to release both Whedon and Snyder’s cuts of the film.

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  1. Disagree all you want, but Snyder is shit. Whedon’s work draws a crowd, his prior credits are proof.

    Snyder has only 2 good films under his name, only 1 of them is praised. Watchmen was slightly panned, 300 was what made Snyder famous.

    Suckerpunch was shit, MoS is just passable and Batman vs Superman is a mess.

    So cry for Snyder’s cut all you want. I’ve never seen so many people eager to indulge in shit.

  2. Everyone is clamoring for a Snyder extended cut yet they wanna give us more Weadon shit? More forced reshoots so the internet can troll Superman? And while WB can’t figure out to just give fans what they want, Disney is moving to create a damn monopoly on the comic book genre? Fuck this shit.

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