Josh Brolin to star as Thanos

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Marvel have announced that actor Josh Brolin will star as Marvel’s ultimate villain, Thanos, in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers films. He is basically the guy pulling the strings of other villains. Although Damon Poitier played Thanos in a brief scene at the end credits of The Avengers, there have been multiple actors rumoured for the role, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vin Diesel. Thanos will most probably be a CG character voiced by Brolin, ala the Hulk.

Could this role be the reason why the actor recently turned down the role of Batman in the upcoming Zack Snyder Batman v Superman film? Brolin suggested that he was in disagreement with Zack Snyder over how the role should be played. Let’s hope he is given more creative freedom with regards to his Thanos role.

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