Thanos Actor Josh Brolin Will Play Deadpool 2's Cable

After months of casting rumours and speculation, Josh Brolin has nabbed the role of Deadpool 2‘s Cable opposite Ryan Reynolds.

Brolin has a long history of playing comic book heroes. He played Dwight McCarthy in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and can be currently seen as Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and was also considered for the role of Batman before Ben Affleck was cast in the role.

Brolin, who will be seen in next year’s Avengers: Infinity War, beat out fan favourites Michael Shannon, Stranger Things star David Harbour, Russell Crowe, Pierce Brosnan and Brad Pitt for the part.

In the comics, Cable, aka Nathan Summers, is a time-traveler and the son of Cyclops. The character has a contentious history with Deadpool.

Brolin joins Zazie Beetz, who has already been cast as the super-powered merc named Domino.

joshn brolin as Cable

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    • You put an actor in a large movie everyone will see as a major character, everyone can’t pull the actor from the character. So now Thanos will be Scott summers son from the future with a cyberkintic arm.

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