Lion King

The Lion King was a big part of a lot of people’s childhoods, and many have fond (and some sad) memories of the Disney animated film.

Lion King

Now it seems we will be able to re-live those fond memories as Disney announced that Jon Favreau, who had directed the live-action Jungle Book movie, would be directing a live-action “reimagining” of The Lion King. The live-action movie will also include some of the hit songs from the 1994 animation, and I for one would love to see a live-action Hakuna Matata performance.
So far the reaction has been mixed, with some thinking that Favreau would be able to pull it off and others worried that it might ruin the great memories they have of the animated movie. Personally, I’m not sure if a live-action Lion King movie would work, but if anyone is able to pull it off successfully it would be Jon Favreau. I actually can’t wait to see how a live-action Timon and Pumba would look.

It was also revealed that Disney and Favreau are currently working on a sequel to The Jungle Book which was critically and commercially well received.

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