John Carter Original Opening Scene

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I’m sure we can all agree that John Carter wasn’t a bad movie. Disney reported a $160m profit loss in its Studio Entertainment division, mostly due to the performance of John Carter at the Box Office, thanks to poor marketing. Despite these losses, Disney have chosen to release the original opening scene of the movie, 1 of the many reshoots and edits this movie experienced in its two years before hitting the big screen.

John Carter Original - Dejah Thoris

This opening scene introduces Lynn Collins, Princess Dejah Thoris, giving a lecture about the state of Barsoom. Director Andrew Stanton was asked to change the opening scene because apparently the Pixar Brain Trust was “confused by the film’s beginning… and they found her arch and stony.” We’ll let you decide if they were right to have removed the scene:

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  1. z00bear

    This was unknown quantity since I’d never heard of this movie before watching it, I ended up enjoying it. (the princess may have influenced had something to do with that though…)

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