Johannesburg vs Cape Town: Infographic

Johannesburg vs Cape Town-Infographic
Cape Town
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South Africa has numerous great cities and towns, but none of them are as prominent or popular as the two major cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town. Both cities have great art scenes, friendly people, laid back lifestyle, vibrant nightlife and a stunning scenery.

Johannesburg being the largest city in South Africa is also the largest city in the world which isn’t situated near any body of water such as a river or an ocean. It is also one of the greenest cities in the world and often regarded as “the world’s largest man made forest”.

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Cape Town comes with somewhat European flavour and is surrounded by an instantly recognizable natural wonders such as the Table Mountain and numerous beaches. Cape Town is also known for its nightlife and a bohemian cafe culture.
While Johannesburg is surrounded by the iconic African savannah (famous national parks and game nature reserves), Cape Town is surrounded by world class vineyards and bio-diverse ecological sites of global importance.

Everyone has their own preferences or ideas of what makes each city great. One thing is certain: both cities are truly amazing and fascinating. And what’s not so surprising is that most people from Johannesburg fly to Cape Town while the majority of travellers from Cape Town take flights to Johannesburg.



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