Is Jared Leto's Joker Coming Back? It Sure Seems Like It

Suicide Squad star Jared Leto made his first DCEU appearance as the Joker last year, but after largely negative feedback from fans, there was a lot of doubt about whether or not the Oscar winner would reprise the role. Now Leto has shared some intriguing new images of the Clown Prince of Crime via Snapchat. Is Jared Leto’s Joker coming back? But where and when?

It’s no secret that Jared Leto wasn’t too happy about his part in Suicide Squad being cut on the editing floor. This lead many to assume that the actor would return to the role. However, two new images from his Snapchat account suggest otherwise.

Is Jared Leto's Joker Coming Back? It Seems Like It

Is Jared Leto's Joker Coming Back? It Seems Like It

The first image is the cover of Batman: The Killing Joke, the popular and controversial 1988 comic which was recently made into an animated feature. The second photo appears to be a human tooth turned into a pendant for a necklace. The tooth is capped with gold metal, and is sitting in a purple velvet box with Gucci printed on the inside – a fitting piece of Joker jewelry.

Does this mean we’ll be seeing Leto as The Joker in the upcoming solo Batman film? Possibly. The only other film he might feature in is Gotham City Sirens. We hope it’s the former.

Wonder Woman release date: Jun 2, 2017
Justice League release date: Nov 17, 2017
Aquaman release date: Oct 5, 2018
Shazam! release date: Apr 5, 2019
Cyborg release date: Apr 3, 2020
Green Lantern Corps. release date: Jul 24, 2020

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