Janet & John – Short Film

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Directed by yours truly, Janet & John is essentially all about forgiveness, our quest to forgive others and to ask for it in return.

The story follows a happy and innocent fifteen-year-old girl, Janet, the apple of her father’s eye, who becomes infatuated with a handsome boy, John. He calls her “the most beautiful girl he has ever met”, but after they have sex, he moves on and completely ignores her. Sad and alone, Janet struggles with her relationship with her father. At her very lowest point she turns to God, asking him to forgive her and restore her.

Director: Jarrod Saunders
Director of Photography: Hein Schlebusch
Music Score: Juan Visser

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBMM34LE_KU’]

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