Jaden Smith Has Written A Batman Song

Jaden Smith’s Batman Song Is The Weirdest Thing You Will Hear Today

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There are some things you have’ta see but wish you could unsee. Jaden Smith’s Batman is one of those things. Will Smith’s offspring channels Bruce Wayne in a new music video. It’s all sorts of strange.

“Batman, Batman, Batman, Joker just put me on acid…”
“Batman, Batman, Batman, I heard you ain’t got a mattress..”
“Batman, Batman, Batman, I heard you married a Porsche…”

These are just three lines from the bizarre Batman song by Jaden Smith. Dressed in a white Batman suit, the one he wore to prom and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding, he raps and fights against Spider-Man and Superman somewhere in Hollywood Blvd.

When asked why he wore the suit to the celebrity wedding, he replied, “I felt as though I needed to protect everyone there and needed to have the proper gear to do so.”

The music video was directed and edited by Moises Arias, most famously known as Rico from Hannah Montana. It currently has 135,383 views, with 1834 likes and 1443 dislikes (make that 1444).

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  1. Danny Rains

    It sounds like every other piece of over-produced, high hat saturated “urban” bullshit that’s released these days.


    • Danny Rains

      I guess? I appreciate the days when musicians actually played real instruments that exist in the real world and not at the behest of a few mouse clicks.

      This kid is a talentless total fucking weirdo. He’s only given any attention because of his daddy’s fame in an era where Janis Joplin would be laughed out of any record label because she’s “ugly”.

    • Michael Bell

      technology is its own instrument man, rejecting it is like people who rejected electronic keyboards in the 70’s

      you can’t fight the future, all you can do is embrace it

  2. J Baas

    It’s like a car accident! I know it’s completely awful but I can’t help but to watch!
    I now need therapy to have this erased from
    my mind!

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