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Is It Blue or Brown? The Debate Continues with Han Solo’s Coat

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On 26th February 2015, the Internet went head-to-head in a debate over the colour of a dress, known as Dressgate, and proven to be Blue and Black, with many, however, seeing it as Gold and White instead. You can view one of the original posts on the topic here and view the Roman Originals online shop here to view the listing of royal blue in colour. On a side note, 26th February also marked the day on which activists successfully overturned original Net Neutrality rules, which were changed dramatically before being approved by the FCC, effectively ‘saving’ the Internet as we know it. And this is how the world decided to celebrate its freedom of an open Internet.

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Fast forward a few weeks and the debate has kicked off yet again, however, this time surrounding Han Solo’s coat (or a parka, to be exact) from Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back. In fact, this debate goes back decades to when the film was originally released in 1980. This debate that ensued turned out to be much bigger than Dressgate, so much so that Hasbro, contracted to create the action figures from the film, had to release two versions of the Han Solo action figure, both in blue and brown coats.

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Why has this come up again you ask? Well, a new Digital HD version of the entire series, yes all six films, was released this past week, with additional, never-before-seen bonus feature videos included in the purchase. The one video in question, titled Discoveries from Inside: Costumes Revealed, coupled with the Attack of the Clones film, which takes a look at the entire costumes wardrobe including that warn by Han Solo on the frozen planet, Hoth. You can see why it’s confusing, though, take a look at these snaps:

Collider hosts a small clip to put the debate to rest, and you can view it below. (Just hit refresh [F5] if the clip doesn’t appear immediately)

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