Is Bethesda Teasing A New Fallout Game?

With E3 2018 rapidly approaching, more leaks and rumours have been coming out of the woodwork each day. With Bethesda already revealing Rage 2 before E3, it seems the studio is now teasing a new Fallout game.

The speculation regarding a new Fallout game started when Bethesda tweeted a testing screen with the words “Please Stand By”. Any Fallout fan will know this testing screen very well as it has been used in the games before.

While many have jumped to the conclusion that this might be a tease for the next Fallout game, it’s important to note that Bethesda hasn’t released a new Elder Scrolls game since Skyrim back in 2011. It would make sense that their next big game could be an Elder Scrolls one, especially since they have been alternating between the two hit franchises.

If not a new Fallout game, what else could the studio be teasing? Well, there are those who think it might be a remaster of Fallout 3, seeing as they did the same for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Personally, I would say that this would be a safe bet, although I am secretly hoping for a new game instead.

Bethesda has also started to live stream, on their Twitch account, a TV set displaying the “Please Stand By” test screen and in front of it is a figure of Vault Boy (from the Fallout franchise). Whether Bethesda will reveal what they are teasing before E3 or only during their press conference is yet to be seen. Our guess is that they will wait till E3 2018.

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