The credited costume designer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is Michael Wilkinson, but most people never get to meet Jose Fernandez, founder of Ironhead Studio and the person who actually creates the costumes.

Ironhead Studio has been creating superhero costumes for decades – which includes work for the X-Men movies, Batman movies, the Daredevil series, the upcoming Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Batman v Superman, Captain America: Civil War, and more. Unfortunately, Jose Fernandez hardly ever gets any credit for his work. A new interview by Tested shows us some of their amazing works and discusses their involvement with superhero costumes over the years.

Ironhead Studio daredevil

This is a rare treat: we get up close with the helmets and armor made by Ironhead Studio for films like Batman v Superman, Captain America: Civil War, and Tron: Legacy. Ironhead Studio founder Jose Fernandez, who has been designing and making film costumes for decades, chats with us about how superhero costume fabrication has evolved over the years.

Their X-Men: Apocalypse costume design seems superior to the costume design which was chosen for Oscar Isaac. Have a look below.

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