Latest iPhone 8 Rumours May Upset Expectant Fans

As with the rumours for Samsung’s latest flagship, the Note 8, Apple has also been on everyone’s radar, increasingly so as we approach the release of the much rumoured and discussed iPhone 8.

A few weeks ago we featured a round-up of the many rumours for the iPhone 8, with many features still being tested at the time. Despite it still being quite early, users got a fair sense of what may be in store for the 10th anniversary iPhone, although word on the actual release date has also been up for much discussion. However, in recent weeks, two sources indicated that the September release date may be pushed back as far as December for the first devices to reach consumer hands – Mac Otakara and the Royal Bank of Canada have claimed to have received news from various Apple sources.

Mac Otakara’s site has been known to provide notable exclusives and insider information in the past. It has made claims that Apple has pushed back the release of the iPhone 8 to Apple’s first quarter fiscal, which translates to sometime between October to December, with speculation pushing towards a possible early December launch. The issue that the late release will have on consumers is that there’ll no doubt be a mad scramble for pre-Christmas shopping, with fears that the device may even be sold out during the Christmas period. This could also establish third-party sales of the iPhone 8 in excess of $1000.

Other news from the site indicates that the white colour option has been scrapped. The removal of the colour may not be significant, but another aspect of the phone’s features that has been rumoured to have been removed is the Touch ID capability. This means that the fingerprint sensor may not be included within the power button as in previous years, which implies there won’t be any in-screen sensor either. Apple may instead opt for its facial recognition technology, Face ID. This may not go down well with fans, especially given some of the backlash Samsung received for its Iris scanner recognition technology.

Analyst Amit Daryanani from the Royal Bank of Canada has provided his insights into similar issues plaguing the manufacturing of the iPhone 8, almost confirming Mac Otakara’s thoughts above. Daryanani goes onto to state: “Based on incremental supply chain data points that suggest a more pronounced OLED iPhone delay…we think the flagship device may not see initial shipments until October with volume shipments not occurring until the November/December timeframe.”

What this means for the South African market, given the month or two delay to reach our shores in previous years, is that the iPhone 8 may only arrive on sale come January or February next year. In addition to this, the cost of the new Apple flagship may also surpass the R20,000 mark. These two factors alone may be a hard pill to swallow for iPhone fans in South Africa.

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