iOS 7 Waterproof Hoax

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Apple rolled out its updated mobile OS last week. While iOS 7 may include a host of notable additions and upgrades, there is one update that Apple can’t offer; or maybe they can. According to an online hoax, however, upgrading to the new OS will make your iPhone waterproof. To many this may seem very hard to believe and can immediately brush it off as a comedic spoof, but there are those out there that aren’t as intuitive as we would hope. Reports over the past week have flooded in with an alarming amount of users having dropped/placed their iPhones in water, hoping to test out the newly ‘advertised’ waterproof capabilities.

The satirical ad seems resemblance those of Apple, and was enough to convince some people out there into believing the hype. Many of the suckers…I mean victims…took to Twitter after the update with posts like “can’t wait to drop my iPhone in a lake with iOS 7!” Unfortunately for them, they discovered the truth far too late, with some users attempting to angrily return their iPhones to the Apple store, which would not have gone down well. If you’re still in the process of testing out all of iOS 7’s included features, we implore you to avoid the waterproof test.

These are the posted images from the supposed ad:

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