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Storyline: A+

Artwork: A+

‘One and Done’ is an anthology consisting of one page stories. The theme in each of them is death and each story has a little twist that plays up this angle. InvestComics, one of the comic book industries premier review sites is spearheading this twisted collection to help the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, an organization dedicated to safeguarding free speech within the industry.

cold david edwards arno hunter

Editors: Jay Katz Bob Heske Sebatian Piccione

[pullquote_right]Edward’s art is boisterous and humorous, and fits in well with the tone of the book.[/pullquote_right][dropcap]I[/dropcap]n 2011 InvestComics sent out a call to comic book creators to contribute to an anthology, submissions were received from relative unknowns as well as big name creators like Mark McKenna and Peter Palimotti. What you have are weird and bizarre tales of death, mixed with plenty of wry humour. The art is a mix bag of styles, some pieces are simple, others more detailed. South African creators Arno Hurter and David Edwards feature heavily, contributing five stories. Tales like ‘…cold’ and ‘Saying Grace’ are quite funny and the duo excel within the tight constraints of one page. Edward’s art is boisterous and humorous, and fits in well with the tone of the book.

final take david edwards arno hunter

‘One and Done’ is a unique experience and while macabre and profane at times it is a fun read. You can purchase the novel at or go to for more information. Checkout our interview with David Edwards

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