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By now I am sure that you have seen the word HeroClix around Facebook and local forums, or perhaps you have seen people playing it. What exactly is HeroClix? I got hooked on the game last year during the release of The Avengers. I wanted everything Avengers related. Like the Kellogg’s Rooster, when I stumbled upon a little box with character models I asked, “What’s in the box?” I ended up purchasing HeroClix just to score a good deal on Free Comic Book Day. And that’s when I came across the Skycastle HeroClix stand. I saw the sculpts and they were great from a collector’s viewpoint. They had various characters, including Hawkeye, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and a Hulk figurine. I only intended on collecting them but then I tried the game and, almost immediately, I was hooked.


What is HeroClix? By definition HeroClix is a collectible miniatures game that uses that uses the Clix System. Players construct teams and engage in a turn based battling on grid maps. Characters originally centered on Marvel and DC universes, but the game has expanded to such an extent that no-one is far from NECA’s reach. We have seen video-game characters from: Street Fighter, Gears of War, Halo, Assassin’s Creed and Bioshock Infinite grace our grid maps. Movies such as the Lord of the Rings, Pacific Rim, Kick Ass 2 and even movie directors have been introduced as characters in the game. The maps used in the game are often representative of key regions in the franchise’s universe. For example, DC might have an Arkham Asylum map or a Wayne Manor map. There are several websites that allow you to create or download custom maps as well.

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The HeroClix game makes use of the “combat dial system”, which was created for a game known as Mage Knight. The Combat Dial keeps track of a figure’s game statistics via a rotating dial in the base. Each time a figure takes damage, the dial is turned required number of “clicks” and this usually reveals new stats and possibly special abilities. Once the KO sign is revealed you figure has taken too many “clicks” of damage and can no longer continue fighting. That piece is then removed from the battlefield. Most characters get a little bit weaker as they damage, representing the fact that they are wounded. But characters like the Hulk get stronger representing the characters rage. You won’t like a Hulk HeroClix figure when it is angry. Each figure is accompanied by a card which lists your characters trait, powers and special abilities. What I really like about the card is that it makes the game quirky by naming the powers after character signature moves or catchphrases.

Pieces have an overall point value assigned to them and this shows how powerful these characters are. So the more deadly the piece the more costly it is to play. For example, an Asgardian Troll would cost you 25 points, but Thor could end up costing you 250 points to play. Team creation is restricted to a predetermined total point value for the HeroClix game, a single game usually works in multiples of 100, with each 100 representing an action during your turn of play. So a 300 point game would allow player 3 actions per turn. This also means that, in a 300 point game, you could play 12 Asgardian Trolls at 25 points each against an opponent who may only have a 250 point Thor. This may sound a bit unfair but there are other rules, powers, abilities, traits and mechanics that will ensure that you do not doubt the power of the son of Odin. Also found on the dial is a Range value and this indicates how far away a character can attack another character and how many targets they can attack at once. So Iron Man MK 42 may be able to target 3 characters in one attack and strike them from 6 blocks away, where Wolverine can only target one person in the block next to him. But, as mentioned earlier, there are powers and abilities that balance the game out quite well.

I have given you a very brief overlook of the game. HeroClix comes with its own set of rules which are usually available in Fast Forces Starters (a pack that creates a team for you and is ideal for introducing people to the game). Also, the rules are easily available online at

In the upcoming weeks I shall be showing previews of the latest or upcoming HeroClix pieces. Right now the Fear Itself tournament is in its third round at most tournament venues. Local venues will be starting to host a series of introduction days, hoping to introduce new people to this wonderful game.

Readers Den Tygervalley will be hosting their very first HeroClix Introduction this very weekend on the 31st of August from 12-3PM. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and some cash if you decide to become a HeroClix addict like me.

Right now you have a vast array of awesome HeroClix to choose from, with movie related pieces from titles such as Iron Man 3, Kick Ass 2, Pacific Rim, The Man of Steel and comic related pieces from Batman, Teen Titans and The Amazing Spider-Man available from the low price of R40 a booster. Who knows you could spend a R40 and pull a chase HeroClix worth R400 or more. Expect more on the rarity of pieces and the rarity system in our next article. In the meantime feel free to visit your local HeroClix venue or visit to find out more about the game and get assistance along the way.

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