Introducing Disney’s Playmation

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Disney and Hasbro have teamed up to bring the hottest new ‘active play’ toy to the market.


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It is an all-new way to play. Playmation is the next step in the evolution of play, where digital gets physical and imagination becomes real. The groundbreaking system of toys and wearables uses smart technology to inspire kids to run around and use their imaginations, as they become the hero or heroine of stories from across The Walt Disney Company. Playmation uses today’s technology—smart toys, wearables, wireless technology, motion sensors, and more—to create a unique experience in which toys interact not only with the kids who play with them, but with each other. Along with the system’s companion app, the toys in Playmation reinvent “old school” play for the digital generation—allowing kids to become part of the story in real life.

Disney has also mentioned that a “Star Wars” themed kit will be available in 2016.

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