Interbrand World’s Top 100 Brands

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Earlier this month, Interbrand announced the brand value for the world’s top 100 companies. The list provides a look at the fiscal performance of each brand, along with an estimation of the premium each company could ask for based on their brand. Many of the companies on the list have a tradition of being amongst the top earners over the past decade or more. This year, however, the list has seen a big shake up, with most of the “top movers” being technology based. Apple, Samsung and Amazon have seen the biggest increase at 120%, 40% and 46%, leaving them in 2nd, 9th and 20th place on the top 100, respectively. There is no stopping the likes of Coca-Cola, though, which has remained the number 1 brand for longer than most of us have been alive.

Interbrand Top Brands - Top 10

The list above depicts the brand value (in dollars) over the past 5 years, showing how each of them have grown substantially. Although Microsoft is in a steady 5th position, they’re the only company to see a decrease of 3 consecutive years since 2010. With Windows 8 being released later this month, this might not be the case when the list is released next year.

The following image represents the top 100 brands, according to Interbrand, along with their respective brand values:

Interbrand Top Brands - Top 100

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