How amazing is this interactive online graphic novel. You've got to watch The Boat

Ever heard of storytelling one-pagers? Well, The Boat is a brilliant interactive One Page graphic novel based on the acclaimed story by Nam Le. And it’s really amazing!

Written as a short story by Nam Le, the storyline centers around a teenage refugee Mai who is sent on the boat by her parents after the fall of Saigon. This tale of basic survival feels especially relevant in the current climate of asylum seekers risking their lives to flee their countries. You won’t be able to stop scrolling through the amazing story as rain splashes across your computer screen, people whisper and wind howls through dark clouds. It’s really well done.

Australian artist Matt Huynh has created the illustrations using traditional Vietnamese bamboo calligraphy brush, paper and Sumi ink. And it’s beautiful. The moving comic combines different types of media – animation, sound design, text and music – to create a really gripping atmosphere.

The full experience is spectacular on desktop, but also available on iPad and Android tablets. Follow the link to view/watch/listen to the groundbreaking interactive website experience.

You've got to watch The Boat

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