Insomniac Reveals More Spider-Man Details

Slowly but surely new details about Insomniac’s Spider-Man game are being unveiled. The latest of these details reveal more about the story, villains and missions.

The Game Informer feature on Insomniac’s Spider-Man game has revealed some more details about the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Insomniac Reveals More Spider-Man Details

According to the feature, Insomniac went to great lengths to make the game’s version of New York feel as real as possible. They made sure to include familiar landmarks but, as can be expected, included some of the more well-known Marvel Universe landmarks as well. These include the Avengers Tower, the Wakanda Embassy, and even Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. Of course, Spider-man will also be able to interact with the city’s occupants handing out high-fives, taking selfies or just having a chat with them.

Naturally, Spider-man will need to save New-York from various foes and, while Mr Negative has been revealed as the game’s main big bad, other iconic villains will also be included in the game. We already know that Kingpin will make an appearance, but familiar faces (masks) such as Shocker, Scorpion, The Vulture and Rhino will each form part of the game’s various side-missions.

The game’s announced DLC will also see everyone’s favourite feline femme fatale (no not Catwoman), Black Cat, making an appearance in some form or another.

New York will be packed with various missions to occupy Spider-Man in-between saving the city. These will include taking down Kingpin’s various outposts situated throughout the city to complete different tasks for the Taskmaster (who would’ve thought?).

As mentioned before, Mary Jane Watson will be a playable character in the game which will give player’s the opportunity to experience the narrative through her eyes. According to Insomniac, Peter and Mary Jane aren’t romantically involved, yet. Although that might change by the end of the game.

As with most games nowadays, Spider-Man will include some light RPG and crafting elements, but unlike most current games it will not include any microtransactions (yippee!).

Lastly, what would a Spider-Man be without a costume? Insomniac confirmed that there will be a whole slew of shiny new costumes to unlock. So far the Spider-Man Noir and the Spider Punk costumes have been revealed, but expect a few more to be unveiled before the game’s release.

Insomniac Reveals More Spider-Man Details

All of the news that has been revealed so far just gets us more excited and convinced that this might be our dream Spider-Man game.

What do you think? Are you excited by what has been announced so far?

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