There was a lot of confusion and concern when it was announced that the Final Fantasy 7 remake would be a multi-part series.

The concern was mostly due to the uncertainty of the length of these so-called “episodes”. Luckily producer Yoshinori Kitase has come forward to clarify just what exactly is meant by a multi-part series. In an Interview with Game Informer Kitase stated: “It will essentially be a full-scale game for each part of the multi-part series […] if we’re just looking at each of these parts, one part should be on par with the scale of one Final Fantasy XIII game.”

Kitase also clarified that this does not mean that the remake would be taking more than the general structure from Final Fantasy XIII, “In XIII, each installment told the story from a different angle. It was kind of like approaching an unknown territory in a sense. Whereas with Final Fantasy VII Remake, we already have a preexisting story, so it wouldn’t really make sense if that isn’t encompassed in a multi-part series.”

There have also been some concern about just how true to the original the remake would be, in this regard Kitase continued, “I, along with [Tetsuya] Nomura-san and [Kazushige] Nojima-san–who are involved with the remake–were also involved with the original Final Fantasy. We were the people who created it, so in that sense, we don’t think anything is untouchable. That isn’t to say we’re changing everything!”

It would seem that the Final Fantasy 7 remake is in good hands, hopefully, the remake turns out to be just as much fun as the original.

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