Ever wished that you could have your own Babel fish that would help you instantaneously translate a foreign language? Well, it seems that we might be getting the next best thing, an in-ear translator device called the Pilot.

For those not familiar with the concept of the Babel fish it is a fictitious alien fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series of books. This creature performs instant translations for those who have inserted it into their ears. A company called Waverly Labs have announced that they would be releasing the Pilot,  an in-ear translator device that is designed to help people understand and speak different languages in real-time.

Waverly Labs CEO, Andrew Ochoa claims to be the first to pioneer this in-ear translator technology. The technology makes use of an embedded app in order to translate conversations and then delivers the translated message through the earpiece that is shared by two people. The Pilot is also planned to incorporate an additional earpiece for streaming music, and will also include an app that would allow the users to change between different languages.

The Pilot will be available through a croudfunding campaign by next year, and is currently planned to include European and Germanic languages with more being released after the device launches.

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