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It seems the weather was performing to script yesterday at the IMAX Ster-Kinekor Launch in Durban. A brooding thunderstorm came and went just in time to welcome one of the most exciting events of the year not only for Durban but for South Africa. With the launch featuring Thor: The Dark World as its title movie, it seems the God of Thunder approved.

“Durban never gets anything!” It’s one of the chief laments heard and expressed by most culture/entertainment fundis in KZN. So it was a fantastic feeling to have Cape Town and Gauteng completely envious for a change at Durban’s good fortune.

Ster-Kinekor, South Africa’s leading cinema franchise, has brought the IMAX experience back to vivid reality at The Gateway – Theatre of Shopping. This time, with the promise to screen feature-length blockbusters like The Hobbit and The Hunger Games – Catching Fire this holiday season and even more from next year. Does anyone else think IMAX should do a special screening of Gravity? How mind-blowing would that be!

The launch itself was a rather flawless experience from beginning to end – which made this local girl just a little proud of what our sleepy coastal town can do when we really put our minds to it. From receiving our golden (blue) ticket, checking in on the blue carpet and being expertly wined and dined with scrumptious snacks and drinks, we have to give a big thumbs up to the organisers.

Sureshne Rider of 5fm flew out from Johannesburg to kick-off our evening. She wasn’t the only one to travel from around the country however, this was NOT a small event!

“IMAX is the difference between watching a movie, and being a part of it.” said Gio Dulce, spokesperson for IMAX. How true. With a floor to ceiling wrap-around screen and bone reverberating sound, this is a cinematic experience you have to..well..experience. The quality of the theatre itself is comfortably luxurious, although I still wish they would provide something to prevent you from spilling your popcorn (sorry about that, clumsy me).

Oh and Thor: The Dark World…I’m not reviewing the movie, but can I at least fangirl a little? It proved to be one of my favourite films from the Marvel universe so far, with a truly brilliant ensemble cast led by Loki (Tom Hiddleston) – sorry, I mean Thor (Chris Hemsworth). The IMAX screen, leaves no detail spared and the production value, effects and design work that went into the creation of this movie are just spectacular. It was funny and moving and great action superhero flick – Ster-Kinekor and IMAX really couldn’t have chosen a better way to begin!

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