IMAX Is Planning To Ditch 3D Films In Favour Of 2D

Over the years, there has been a growing decline for 3D movies. Most major television manufacturers, like Sony and Samsung, have moved away from the technology this year with a stronger focus on higher resolution 2D offerings. Now IMAX, which initially pushed the trend, will slowly be doing away with the tech too.

For some, this is really bad news. For others, it’s really really great news. 3D has always been a source of controversy. Some complain of headaches and disorientation after watching. Others are put off by the cheap clunky glasses that darken the picture and the higher price point. It’s probably a big relief then that IMAX will do away with the technology and refocus their cinemas towards high-quality 2D films instead.

IMAX Entertainment CEO Greg Foster confessed that the success of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk proved that consumers in North America have a stronger preference 2D rather than 3D:

“It’s worth noting ‘Dunkirk’ was showing exclusively in 2-D, which consumers have shown a strong preference for… The demand for 2D films is starting to exceed 3D in North America.”

Like many of Nolan’s other films, Dunkirk was filmed exclusively on high-end IMAX cameras>. It had a really good domestic opening weekend, with its IMAX screenings drawing in an impressive $11.7 million.

Ironically, this news comes one month after Michael Bay announced that he wants to keep 3D alive shot Transformers: The Last Knight entirely in native IMAX 3D, spending the extra “ten to fifteen million dollars” to do it right.

Still, the people have spoken.

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  1. Carlo Hendricks

    I think once James Cameron’s glases free 3D becomes a reality, there will be a resurgence in 3D content. But I’ve invested in 3D, so what happens to the 60 odd 3D movies I have bought? The new Samsung 4K blu ray player that was recently released in the US, does not support 3D, only the the upper end 4K screens have 3D support. The industry doesn’t really seem to have loyalty to the fans/consumers who are invested in home cinema.

  2. Finally. Forced to watch every new release in IMAX 3D. Very few movies actually looked better with 3D. Hope that means some discount on those tickets prices. (Yeah right)

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