Illustrations of Iconic Outfits Worn by Famous Musicians

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Iconic outfits that became synonymous with musicians during their lustrous careers. These musicians bridged the gap between fashion and music by donning them in their explosive stage performances.


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  1. LinuxMage

    In my opinion the first six costumes( From MJ’s Thriller Jacket to Elvis’ American Eagle Jumpsuit ) are instantly recognizable and qualify for “Icon” status. The rest do not as if there was no caption to identify them few people would know who or what they represent. And if you think about it–anything iconic stands alone or above others in the same category and 14 costumes are far too many, based on my classification, “icons”.

    • Jarrod Saunders

      I recognized every costume here. The Prince Purple Rain costume is as equally iconic as Michael Jackson’s Thriller costume imo.

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