Indie developer Under the Bridge has released a new trailer for their 90’s Inspired platformer Illusoria.

The Trailer For 90's Inspired Platformer Illusoria Has Some Gruesome Deaths

Illusoria takes its inspiration from the glory days of platforming when games such as Heart of Darkness and Flashback were on everybody’s minds. Players take on the role of the Keeper Of The Flame on a quest to protect the Empress and save the kingdom from a terrifying curse, of course. On your quest, you will be faced with all kinds of dangers, from deadly traps to monsters eager to feast on your flesh. Jump, roll and dodge your way out of danger, and if that fails there is always your magic to fall back on. It’s a beautiful platformer that wants to get you all nostalgic.

Illusoria is set to release end of May for PC on Steam.

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