If Deadpool Became Ronald McDonald, We'd Get This Animal World Movie

A vigilante clown who bears a strong resemblance to Deadpool, Resident Evil-like monsters, and Michael Douglas all appear in the bizarre trailer for forthcoming Chinese film Animal World. Forget Stephen King’s It. Forget Jared Leto’s Joker. This is the clown film you’ve been waiting for all your life. Think Deadpool as Ronald McDonald.

Director Han Yan is changing the way we view clowns in 2018 and restoring balance to the world. Instead of making them evil and creepy characters, Animal World will feature a sword-wielding clown as a true ass-kicking martial arts hero.

While there is no synopsis available yet, it’s clear to see that the film will offer a few exciting set pieces using stylised CGI and an over-the-top story. Plus, it has Michael Douglas. What more could you want? 2018 just got a whole lot better.

Animal World Movie Poster

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