The world of storage has been hotting up recently, both for the conventional computing, as well as in the mobile space. Desktops and laptops, arguably, have an easier job providing solutions than it’s mobile counterparts, where portability is of the utmost importance. While there are many products available on the market, some of which we’ve reviewed recently, every so often something comes along that threatens to revolutionise its market space. Step up i.dime, the world’s first magnetic, dime-sized storage expansion.


The iPhone is one of the most sold smartphones in the market, and given its limitations in external storage options (when compared to that of the Android device), the i.dime is mainly, although not solely, geared towards Apple’s leading device. i.dime is a solution that not only increases the traditional storage capacity of your iPhone, but also does so in a diminutive package that easily fits in away in any pocket. The i.dime has a diameter of just 14mm and height of 4.3mm, making it one of the smallest storage units available today. The unit offers up to 256GB of additional storage, with options starting at $48.


The unit comes with a number of various connection options, while still remaining easy to share, simply by removing the magnetic ‘dime’ and swapping between devices. Simply twist to lock/unlock and attach to another dongle. The i.dime is sufficiently fast, with transfer speeds of up to 95MB/s and 90MB/s for read and write, respectively. Options for the i.dime come in various colours, and various connectors, which include the Lightning Holder or case (with external battery) for the iPhone, microUSB holder for many non-iPhone devices such as Android, Windows and BlackBerry units, and a standard USB holder for connectivity to your PC or laptop.


i.dime won a CES Innovation Award at this year’s CES tradeshow, with the creators bringing their idea to market in the form of a KickStarter campaign. Be sure to support the team or purchase an Early Bird backers pledge, for which you’ll receive the i.dime with Standard USB, Micro USB, and Lightning dongles. You can also visit http://idime.us (currently links to KickStarter until the site has been completed) for more information.

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