The Humble Weekly Bundle

The latest Humble Weekly Bundle is now available – just in time for the long weekend (if you’re taking Monday off). This week’s deal consists of the X series, all of which are space simulation titles.

A little more info on the series, well the first game:

“X: Beyond The Frontier is the first part in the X-Universe series of games developed by Egosoft.
It tells the story of mankind’s rise and fall in the universe, and the attempt by Kyle Brennan to help repopulate the stars using a new ship called the Experimental Shuttle, and how he became trapped in a closed group of sectors linked by a series of jumpgates, owing credits to an alien for helping to save him, and hunted by several people. Unknowingly, a group of secret service people are after him, a group who have tried to hide their races secret, that they are the descendants of a group of Humans who saved earth from the Terraformer fleet they created to help colonise the universe.”

How does it work? The Humble Bundle series is based on a pay-what-you-want system; you pay what you think the current bundle is worth, even if it’s only $0.01. Of course there are always incentives to make sure you pay more. Payment of $1, or above, allows you to redeem all of the games on Steam with their own unique Steam keys. If you pay over the current average you’ll receive even more bonus goodies.

Most games are available on a variety of platforms.

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Title you will receive if a payment of $0.01 or more is made ($1 for Steam keys):
X: Beyond the Frontier (Windows / Steam)
X-Tension (Windows / Steam)
X2: The Threat (Windows / Steam)
X3: Reunion + Bonus package (Windows / Steam / Linux Mac)
The X: Rebirth Soundtrack

If you pay over the average you’ll receive all of the games above, and the following:
X3: Terran Conflict (Windows / Steam / Linux Mac)
X3: Albion Prelude (and soundtrack) (Windows / Steam / Linux Mac)
X: Superbox Bonus Material (Steam)

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Where does the money go? Well, you get to choose. Most bundles give you a minimum of 3 choices, which include the developers themselves, a specific charity or a tip for Humble Inc. to keep these deals alive. You can choose how to allocate your payment, or let the system do it for you.

These games are yours, forever.


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  1. Evan Saunders

    I’m a long time supporter of the Humble Bundle releases. Because it’s cheap! :)

    Currently available this week, there are three running; besides the one listed above there are the Indie (with Fez) and Retro (with Duke Nukem 3D) bundles.

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