Humble Weekly Bundle: Platforming

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The latest Humble Weekly Bundle is out and it’s all out platforming!

The games are:

  • Shank 2 (DRM-Free / Steam) – Pay what you want
  • Blocks That Matter (DRM-Free / Steam) – Pay what you want
  • Bit.Trip Runner (DRM-Free / Steam) – Pay what you want
  • Bit.Trip Presents… Runner 2 (DRM-Free / Steam) – Pay more than $6
  • Megabyte Punch (DRM-Free / Steam) – Pay more than $6
  • Fly’n (Steam) – Pay more than $6
  • King Arthur’s Gold (DRM-Free / Steam) – Pay more than $10
  • Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition (DRM-Free / Steam) – Pay more than $10

As always your contribution can be split between the developers, charity, Humble themselves, or distributed equally to all three parties.

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