Thor: ragnarok

Hulk Talks In The New Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

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In the latest trailer for Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok, the god of thunder starts out saying he’s been on a “journey of self-discovery” and has reunited with the Hulk.

The last few days have almost been too much to bear for superhero fans. We’ve had more than our share of great trailers and reveals. Thor: Ragnarok is another. Filled with humour, action and quirky characters, the new trailer is just what Marvel fans desire.

Also, Hulk talks now. Full sentences too.

Thor: ragnarok

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  1. Evert van Staaden

    So stranger things meets guardians of the galaxy. Disney just taking their winning formula and superimposing it all over their other properties. Kinda boring.

  2. David George

    Well, he talked in Planet Hulk, and that’s kinda the story they’re shoehorning into this film, so… what’s the big deal?

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