The Hulk is coming to Cape Town

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Cape Town your city needs you! Thankfully, a big green Goliath brute, weighing in at 1,400 lbs and standing 8′ tall, has offered to lend a helping hand. If you haven’t seen it yet, M-Net Movies is working on a pretty cool initiative for their latest campaign, ‘Superheroes Rock Up This October’ and The Hulk will be ripping it up in Cape Town! Prepare yourself for a superhero invasion.

Word on the street is that these heroes (which includes The Hulk, Batman and a number of others) will be rocking up, roaming our streets this weekend and tackling tasks as only as a superhero can. I could use a helping hand from Hulk when it comes to finding a parking spot near Long Street… What could The Hulk do to brighten up your day?

Tweet @MnetMovies with the #Superheroes hashtag and let them know how The Hulk could brighten up an average day in Cape Town.

Make sure you catch all the Superheroes in October on M-Net Movies Showcase, channel 108, EVERY night. Where else can you find all your favourite defenders in one place?

To follow the action, keep your eyes locked on the @MnetMovies Twitter handle!

Do it now! Before Hulk loses his temper. You won’t like him when his angry! Hulk Smash! (I always wanted to say that!)

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