Hugh Jackman suggests Bollywood actor Shar Rukh Khan for Wolverine

Late last year actor Hugh Jackman suggested Tom Hardy would be a good choice to take over the character after he retires from playing Wolverine. Now, he has added another unexpected name to the pot: Bollywood actor Shar Rukh Khan.

Earlier this week, while on the press tour for Logan, Jackman expressed his thoughts regarding another actor playing the role and suggested that Khan could take over as Wolverine:

“I think I’ll be fine with it, I hope other people play it, maybe Shah Rukh Khan could play it, who knows? The comic book series is so good because you’ve had so many people interpreting this role. I think there’s like six origin stories. Everyone puts their own stamp on it. This is a great character. I’ll be really interested to see how I’ll feel about it, I want it to be really great… but, I don’t want it to be that much better than me. A little bit better is fine, but if everyone were like ‘Oh thank God, now…” I might find that a little difficult.”

Of course, it’s a completely ridiculous idea, but it didn’t take Shah Rukh Khan long to respond via Twitter:

While Khan might have over 70 movie credits to his name, it’s completely ridiculous to cast him in such a big role. He is fairly unknown to the world outside of India. Not to mention, his thick accent. It just wouldn’t make sense.

That said, stranger things have happened.

Wolverine Hugh Jackman Shah Rukh Khan

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