How The Robins Could've Been Introduced In The DCEU

Despite the Batman being an old, grumpy sod in the DCEU, we still haven’t seen a single Robin yet. It’s weird how we’ve met a whole host of rubbish characters, but pivotal parts of the lore have been missing. So, what we’ve done is look at how Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, the first two Robins, could’ve been introduced already. The reason we’re focusing exclusively on them is because they’re the two confirmed to exist in this universe. In fact, it makes no sense why we haven’t caught a proper whiff of them yet.

Jason Todd

Jason Todd in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

While we now know that Jason Todd is the dead Robin in the DCEU, we only got to see his costume in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. We don’t know how he died, except that the Joker and Harley Quinn are responsible for it.

All it would’ve taken to introduce him is a different take on the Metropolis destruction scene in Batman V Superman. You see, as the scene currently stands, it’s difficult to attach too much emotion to it from Bruce Wayne’s standpoint. Yes, Wayne Industries employees died, but do you remember any of their names? It’s that saying “the death of one is a tragedy and the death of a million is a statistic” that rings true here. A common cinematic technique to make us feel sympathy is to create attachment to a character before he/she dies, whereas here we only briefly met Jack O’Dwyer – and have no other history about him.

Now, imagine this: Jason Todd has had a showdown with the Joker in one of the buildings, crowbar and all. The Clown Prince has left him for dead with a bomb set to go off as Batman rushes to get to his partner (we could even get a scene where the Dark Knight knocks out Joker’s teeth to get the info out of him). Robin uses the comms to alert Batman that he’s fine and defused the bomb. As Batman breathes a sigh of relief, the battle between Superman and Zod claims the building where Jason was, killing him in the process. And with that, you instantly understand and connect with Batman’s rage for the Man of Steel since it became personal. It would’ve tweaked the canon version of Jason’s death, but in a way that furthers the overall story of the cinematic universe.

Scott Eastwood Dick Grayson In Suicide Squad

Dick Grayson In Suicide Squad

For the love of all things, we don’t understand why David Ayer wasted Scott Eastwood in Suicide Squad. Instead of casting him in an important role, Eastwood ended up as GQ Edwards. Who, you may ask? Exactly. His character had zero impact and could’ve been replaced by anyone else in the world and we wouldn’t have cared.

But let’s say that GQ wasn’t really GQ. Considering that Batman doesn’t trust Amanda Waller, he could’ve used GQ as an undercover operative to keep tabs on Task Force X. In a post-credits scene, we’d see that GQ survived the bomb blast and arrived at the Batcave. There, it’d be revealed that he’s really Dick Grayson as he hands over all the intel he acquired to Batman.

Alfred Justice League

Dick Grayson In Justice League

Did no one else wonder why Batman never mentioned Nightwing when he was assembling a team in Justice League? In theory, this would’ve been the easiest introduction of the lot. There wouldn’t even need to be an actor cast, because it would all be in the dialogue.

When Batman told Alfred that he needed to form a team to battle the alien threat, his faithful butler could’ve asked, “What about Master Richard?” Batman’s response: “He’s still not talking to me, Alfred. And this is far too dangerous… I’m not pulling him back in. Not after Jason.”

With those 10 seconds of dialogue, we could’ve been alerted to the existence of Dick Grayson in the universe, the guilt of Batman, and where their relationship stands. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Tell us, do you think the Robins should’ve been introduced already in the DCEU?

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  1. of course it makes sense, we had just 2 movies with Batman. and in the first one we saw him grieving over Jason Todd and in the second one he was busy recruiting metas for the Justice League. a new Robin can easily introduced as just another person Batman recruited to fight the bad guys, now that he gained new hope through Superman.

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