How Does Superman Shave?

How Does He Shave

The age-old question about the Man of Steel, “how does he shave?” I’m sure that almost every fan out there would have some variation of how Clark Kent (Superman) shaves his, apparent, indestructible beard. Gillette has taken on this challenge and teamed up with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment by gathering some of the great minds in the entertainment industry. These include director, Kevin Smith, Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Mayim Bialik (neuroscientist and The Big Bang Theory actress).

Each of the selected panel provides their own theories. Here are those theories:

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  1. LinuxMage

    I very vividly remember in a episode of the late 1990s animated Superman series watching Clark Kent use a mirror to reflect a “laser-ized” form of his heat vision back against his face to shave. A Kryptonian laser trumps a Kryptonian hair folicle.

  2. Adam

    Yup. Came here to say this. Kent used this technique in more than just the cartoon as well.

    Why is this even a thing?

  3. ronnie

    how ’bout a kryptonite charged blade of any kind? it will definitely soften his hair follicles and bring a close shave (objectively and figuratively…lol)…

  4. Jarrod Saunders

    There is apparently no kryptonite in Man of Steel. but also kryptonite would kill him. risking his life to shave everyday would be crazy.

  5. Nekiya

    it was shown in an episode of “Lois & Clark” : he uses his laser vision in a mirror to “destroy” his beard.

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