Honest Trailer - TMNT - Out of Their Shells

With this week’s release of the second installment of the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, the team over at Screen Junkies has released an honest trailer for…well, to be honest, I can’t really make sense of it.

It all seems like a really bad joke. So bad, it makes me cringe at the fact that I lived through the 90s, at the height of the TMNT franchise and its marketing.

“You’ve seen the TV shows, movies, video games, and breakfast cereals! Now relive the Turtles’ long-forgotten…concert film?”

The tracklist of the soundtrack is as follows:

“Coming Out of Our Shells!” performed by Raphael
“Sing About It” performed by Raphael
“Tubin”” performed by Michaelangelo
“Skipping Stones” performed by Master Splinter
“Pizza Power” performed by all four turtles
“Walk Straight” performed by Raphael
“No Treaties” performed by Raphael
“Cowabunga” performed by Michaelangelo
“April’s Ballad” performed by April O’Neil
“Count On Us” performed by all four turtles

The Coming Out Of Their Shells Tour is a live musical tour that occurred in 1990 starting August 17. It was endorsed and sponsored by Pizza Hut.

The very first showing of the tour was broadcast live on Pay-Per-View. A VHS recording of the broadcast was made available, as was a soundtrack. The tour is generally lambasted for its terrible costumes and wafer-thin plot.

The band featured Donatello on keys, Leonardo on bass guitar, Michelangelo on guitar/lead vocals & Raphael on drums/percussion/tenor saxophone/vocals. Guest vocalists include Master Splinter, April O’Neil, and The Shredder.

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