Almost Home Trailer

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They’re almost here… meet our future leaders from DreamWorks Animation’s upcoming feature film HOME, invading theaters in December.

Based on the acclaimed book “The True Meaning of Smekday,”Dream Works Animation’s “Home”is not your standard post-apocalyptic alien invasion buddy comedy. When Earth is taken over by the overly confident Boov, an alien race in search of a new place to call home, all human are promptly relocated, while all Boov get busy efficiently reorganising the palnet. But when one resourceful girl, Tip (Rihanna) manages to avoid capture, she finds herself the accidental accomplice of a banished Boov by name of Oh (Jim Parsons). Equally stubborn and set in their ways, these two fugitives realise there’s a lot more at stake than intergalactic relations as they embark on a road trip of a life time. Good thing they have a flying car.

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