History of the Samsung Galaxy S Series-Infographic

History of the Samsung Galaxy S Series: Infographic

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Some three years after the Apple launched its first-generation iPhone, Samsung launched its first Galaxy S smartphone. The unit wasn’t Samsung’s first attempt at dabbling in the smartphone sector, but abandoned their in-house operating system for the likes of Android, which had other players such as HTC and Motorola already on board. Initially, the sales of the Galaxy S seemed rather poor in the same year. The company finally hit the sweet spot with the Galaxy S2, which received 9m pre-orders in the two weeks prior to hitting the market.

Each of the subsequent smartphones in the series have gone onto break records, in sales and pre-orders (although no official sales of the SGS5 have been released as yet). Interestingly enough, while the Galaxy S received less than spectacular sales in the year of its release, the popularity of the S2 enhanced the allure, which resulted in over 24m in sales for the original by 2013. Although nothing official has been claimed, the collective of mobile carriers around the globe has garnered great interest for the S6 and S6 Edge, with an apparent 20m in pre-orders to date. While we’re waiting on those official numbers, Mobile MadHouse has released an infographic depicting a brief look at the history of the Samsung Galaxy S series, now including the S6.


Source: Mobile MadHouse

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