High Level Pokémon GO Accounts For Sale On eBay

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Tired of running around trying to catch Pokémon and level up your Pokémon GO account? Well, it seems that you might not be the only one.

Polygon has spotted some Pokémon GO accounts for sale on eBay that ranges from a level 22 account for $300.00 to a level 13 account for $70.00. The reason cited for players buying these accounts has mainly been due to geographical restriction, as certain Pokémon are reportedly more common in some areas than others. This is especially true in rural areas where Pokémon seem to be more scarce than urban areas.

If you are wondering if the game’s creators Niantic Labs is ok with this they have made it pretty clear on their Pokémon Trainer’s guidelines page that players should not get involved with the selling and buying fo Pokémon GO accounts. They have also said that players could be banned if found logging on with another person’s Gmail account.

I guess the I have to keep running around my neighborhood looking for that elusive Pikachu.


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