Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima has revealed some more details about his mysterious game, Death Stranding, which has confused us even more.

Hideo Kojima
Speaking at PlayStation’s pre-TGS (Tokyo Game Show) keynote presentation, Hideo Kojima revealed some more information about his new game Death Stranding.  Kojima explained that the lines that seems to be dripping from the game’s logo are not ink, as some have guessed, but rather cords. He also explained that the whole theme of the game centers around how everybody is connected by strands, and this is where the title Death Stranding comes from.

Furthermore, Kojima also revealed that the game will indeed be an action game that will take place in an open world (with a degree of freedom). The game will also include online elements as Kojima wishes to give gamers a new way in which to be connected via these “strands”.

Death Stranding was first announced at E3 2016, not much is know about the game expect that it will be released for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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