Hideo Kojima Releases a MGSV Debriefing Video

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“In appreciation to all the fans that have supported the Metal Gear series, I have a completion report (debriefing) to communicate to all of you. I sincerely hope you like it.”

Hideo Kojima

With the launch of Metal Gear Solid V and all the hype that surrounds this great game, we tend to forget how many people’s lives have been touched by both the Metal Gear franchise and Hideo Kojima himself. In the video below, Kojima visits a few of the people that not only worked with him on the Metal Gear games, but also people who found themselves emotionally invested in the franchise. Sean Gillespie is one of these people. Fighting a losing battle against cancer he found solace and happiness in playing the Metal Gear games. Unfortunately Sean passed away before the release of MGSV, knowing the impact the Metal Gear franchise had on his life Hideo Kojima decided to personally deliver a signed copy of the game to his family.

Hideo Kojima also interviews Geoff Keighley, Troy Baker and Greg Miller to name a few, about their experiences with the Metal Gear franchise and their memories associated with it.

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